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Closets InstallationProfessional Expertise

Our expert installing partners put on finishing touches and offer customizable features that take your WoodTrac closet to another level.

Click here to find a professional installer in your area. If you don’t see an installer in your area, please contact us for assistance.

Installation Overviews

Closet Shelving Quick Install


Closet Cabinets Quick Install


Watch more detailed installation videos on our YouTube Channel here.

Closet Cabinets- Detailed install instructions

WoodTrac closets cabinets are easier to install than custom closets because they are individual cabinets not a pallet full of pieces.  Each unit comes in a box with required hardware making assembly and installation simple.

No special tools required. Since cabinets are pre-routed and bored and hardware is included, all you need to complete a WoodTrac closet is a tape measure, level, drill, screwdriver and saw.


Step 1: Assemble Cabinet

Each Cabinet comes in a box with required hardware making assembly and installation simple.

Half Cabinet Assembly Instructions.pdf
Half Cabinet Assembly Video

Full Cabinet Assembly Instructions.pdf
Full Cabinet Assembly Video


Step 2: Install Wall Cleat

Cleats are run wall-to-wall and screwed into studs for maximum holding strength. Closet cabinets are mounted directly to the cleat, giving an option of a wall-mounted system if desired.  Walls with steel studs must use floor standing installation.

Ensure groove of wall cleat is facing down.

Install Wall Cleat 79" (to bottom of cleat)  from floor for Floor Mounted option.
Install Wall Cleat 75" (to bottom of cleat) from top of the baseboard for Hanging option.

Wall Cleat Installation Video

Step 3: Hang Cabinets

Hang cabinets on top of wall cleat.
Secure screws through predrilled holes on top of cabinets into top of wall cleat

Predrill lower cleat and secure lower cleat into studs.  Require two studs per cabinet for lower cleat or one stud and use one drywall toggle bolt (supplied with each cabinet).

Hanging Cabinet Video

Step 4: Install Drawers, Shelves, Rods, Etc.

Once cabinets are secured to the wall add Drawers, Shelves or Rods depending on your configuration. 

Optional: Install Rev-A-Shelf Accessories like wire baskets, valet rods, etc.  Contact us at for 50% off Rev-A-Shelf accessories. 

Tall Drawer Assembly.pdf                                      Drawer Installation Video
Short Drawer Assembly.pdf                                   Door installation Video
Shelf Assembly.pdf                                                Shelf Installation Video

Step 5: Finishing touches. 

Finish off your installation by covering visible screws or wall cleat cuts with the stickers or screw covers included with your cabinets. 

Wipe down cabinets with a dustcloth and a small amount of wax-based polish applied to the cloth.

Need help? Call WoodTrac Customer Service at 855.854.7465 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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