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Product Specifications

Closet Specifications

Cabinet Dimensions

Closet Shelving Dimensions

WoodTrac Closets Cabinet Dimensions   WoodTrac Closet Shelving Dimensions

Architectural CSI Specifications

Download our CSI formatted specifications for our Closet Shelving and Closet Cabinet programs.  

Closet Specifications Word Format- Download
Closet Specifications PDF Format- Download

Closet Shelving Elevation Specifications

Download our recommended installation heights for Single Hang, Double Hang, 4 Shelf Linen/Pantry and 5 Shelf Linen/Pantry Closets.  

Installation specifications

- Install Wall Cleats anywhere cabinets or shelving will be installed.  Secure to wood wall studs. If metal studs use drywall anchors every 12”.  No blocking required.

- Install at 79” to bottom of the cleat for Floor Mounted Full cabinets.
-  Install at 80 1/8” to bottom of the cleat for Closet Shelving for upper section of Double Hang for 84" finished height to top of shelf.
-  Install at 38 1/8” to bottom of the cleat for Closet Shelving for lower section of Double Hang for 42" finished height to top of shelf.  
-  Install at 64 1/8” to bottom of the cleat for Closet Shelving for Single Hang only section for 68" finished height to top of shelf.

- To clear baseboards on Wall Hung Full Cabinet installation install wall cleat at a minimum of 75” above baseboard to bottom of the cleat.

- Hang cabinets and secure through top shelf into upper wall cleat.  Secure cabinet’s fixed lower cleat to the studs as well.
WoodTrac Closet Install Specs

Load specifications

Product Anchoring Method Recommended Load Limits
Closet Cabinets Wooden studs 200 lbs per cabinet
Closet Shelving Wooden Studs 20 lbs per foot (4 to 1 safety factor)
Closet Shelving Drywall anchors (every 16") 20 lbs per foot (4 to 1 safety factor)

Surface Performance

WoodTrac Closets are made with silicone coated high definition micropapers laminated over either MDF or Particleboard depending on the part.  Performance results below:

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