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megaphone-(1).jpgThe moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here! WoodTrac has announced the final selections for their wooden ceiling panels to be released Fall of 2018. These new finishes reflect today's contemporary trends, making them the perfect addition for Residential or Commercial suspended ceilings.... . . Read More
Posted: May 25, 2018

DM-Clips.pngDid you know that you can install WoodTrac wood ceilings even if you don't have a suspended ceiling grid? With WoodTrac's specially patented Direct Mount Clips, WoodTrac's wooden ceilings can be installed directly to basement joists, over drywall, flat or vaulted ceilings, even walls!. . . Read More
Posted: May 02, 2018

Bigger is always better, right? That’s what they tell you when advertising homes, vehicles, and even sandwiches. For contractors, bigger usually is better. It means less material can be bought. So WoodTrac 12 foot suspended ceiling moldings are great for those large-scale construction projects. However, for a homeowner, bigger may not always be better.  12 feet of molding may be a little much to handle, especially when your construction crew consists of one. Therefore, for a limited time while supplies last, WoodTrac will be offering 4 foot suspended ceiling moldings in select finishes and profiles. When should you consider using 4 foot moldings?

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Posted: April 09, 2018

Sale.jpgThis year, get the drop on your guests with WoodTrac’s wood ceiling panels for drop ceilings. Your guests will believe you spent a fortune on your ceiling! With multiple online promotions available, now is the time to get that ceiling you’ve dreamed about.
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Posted: March 26, 2018

SAUDER_021918_RESIDENTIAL_ChalkedChestnut_final-(1).pngReclaimed woods, "greige", and white trim are only a few of the color trends in homes and businesses today.  To stay on point WoodTrac will be adding a few new finishes this fall...

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Posted: March 15, 2018