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bb.jpgAcknowledging our corporate role to maintain responsible stewardship of the environment, WoodTrac, a division of Sauder Woodworking Co., has carefully researched and developed our products to make them ecologically-friendly, reflecting sustainability best practices in many areas. Rewarded for our efforts, WoodTrac is proud to be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain-of-Custody certified for our ceiling products; and our wood-based ceiling and closet storage systems have been approved by the Amicus Green Building Center. More than 75 percent of our ceiling products and packaging materials are made from recycled material and all of our panels and moldings are made of medium density fiberboard with a paper laminate, making them notably “green”. . . . Read More
Posted: June 05, 2014

258252_136193013121498_3622550_o.jpgOne of the great things about drop ceiling tiles is how versatile they can be. Not only can they completely transform an unfinished basement ceiling, but they can make over any room in the house.  Their versatility, inexpensive price, and simple install make it easy for anyone to make over the ceilings in their home.  You can have one of the different shades of the wooden ceiling tiles or you can have the paintable ceiling tiles.. . . Read More
Posted: June 02, 2014

Wood Ceiling
If you have a basement in your home and you don't spend any time in there because it is not an appealing space, you may want to take the time to make it more appealing. Otherwise you are just wasting space that you have available to you when you could have a recreation room, man cave, arts and crafts space, or even just an extra family room for specific events or get togethers. Even if you don't install any appliances other than what you already have in there, a pleasant open space can still be beneficial to you and your family.
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Posted: September 27, 2013

If you live in an older home, you may be experiencing some remodeling issues when it comes to your ceilings. The last thing any homeowner wants to deal with is overhead drywall work. Hiring a contractor to put new drywall on an old ceiling can be costly and does nothing to improve the efficiency of the airflow in your home. There are other options.. . . Read More
Posted: September 10, 2013

How WoodTrac ceilings helped transform The Premier, an event and catering facility in Toledo, Ohio, during a recent rennovation.


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Posted: July 29, 2013

Its summertime and everyone is working on their bodies and their lawns. Why not their homes? This is the perfect time of year to retrofit your home, especially the basement. Remember the phrase keeping up with the Joneses? A simple summer retrofit can have the Joneses trying to keep up with you.

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Posted: June 03, 2013

In celebration of the WoodTrac Ceiling Systems earning FSC Chain of Custody certification, WoodTrac is donating $1 to the Rainforest Alliance for every new Facebook page like and Twitter follower we receive throughout the month of March. For our followers,  we’ll be sending out daily tips to promote green living and sustainability. We’ll also be. . . Read More
Posted: March 01, 2013

March is on the horizon and that means the NCAA® Division I Men’s Basketball Championship is almost here. It also means that plenty of guys (and gals) will soon be glued to their televisions. But what about those unlucky sports fans without a private sanctuary?

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Posted: February 27, 2013

As you know, we’re very proud of our green initiatives. For this reason, we are very proud to announce that our WoodTrac ceiling system received ECC Certification last week. What is ECC Certification you ask? It stands for Eco-Certified Composite Certification, a voluntary industry standard developed by the Composite Panel Association (CPA) for composite wood. . . Read More
Posted: October 02, 2012

We at WoodTrac are strong believers in reusing and recycling; our brand is built on it. We’re always looking for the greenest way to complete a project. Over the past couple of years a growing trend in flooring has been reclaimed wood. This year, however, reclaimed wood has moved from just the floors of homes. . . Read More
Posted: July 03, 2012

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