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Ceiling Estimator

Find out the cost to transform your ceiling in a few clicks.
Fire Rating Class C fire rating most common for households and commercial applications.

Panel Finish

Molding Finish

Existing Ceiling What size are your current ceiling panels? 2’x2’ or 2’x4’? Select 2’x2’ if you have not installed a suspended ceiling yet. We recommend installing a 2’x2’ configuration.

Ceiling Track Width Select 15/16” if installing a new ceiling.

Ceiling Square Feet Multiply the length times the width of your room or count the number of 2’x2’ tiles and multiply by 4. Or the number of 2’x4’ tiles multiplied by 8.

Perimeter Linear Feet Measure the perimeter of your ceiling. This helps calculate wall molding accurately
Panel & Molding Finishes
Soft White Soft White
Cobblestone Cobblestone
Chalked Chestnut Chalked Chestnut
Cinnamon Cherry/Espresso Cinnamon Cherry
Abbey Oak Abbey Oak
Bank Alder Bank Alder
White Plank White Plank
(Panels Only)
Salt Oak Salt Oak

Pieces Needed Case Packs Quantity Available Item Number Item Finish Pieces per Case List Price Ext. Price
{{pncp}} {{cpcp}} {{qacp}} {{incp}} Ceiling Panel {{mfcp}} {{pccp}} {{lpcp}} {{epcp}}
{{pnwm}} {{cpwm}} {{qawm}} {{inwm}} Wall Molding {{mfwm}} {{pcwm}} {{lpwm}} {{epwm}}
{{pnmr}} {{cpmr}} {{qamr}} {{inmr}} Main Runner {{mfmr}} {{pcmr}} {{lpmr}} {{epmr}}
{{pnct}} {{cpct}} {{qact}} {{inct}} Cross Tee {{mfct}} {{pcct}} {{lpct}} {{epct}}
{{pnwc}} {{cpwc}} {{inwc}} Wall Clip N/A {{pcwc}} {{lpwc}} {{epwc}}
{{pnmc}} {{cpmc}} {{inmc}} Molding Clip N/A {{pcmc}} {{lpmc}} {{epmc}}
{{pnac}} {{cpac}} {{inac}} Alignment Clip N/A {{pcac}} {{lpac}} {{epac}}
Total {{ttpc}}

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