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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does WoodTrac cost per sq ft?   
WoodTrac ceilings average $4.00-$6.00 per square foot for materials (includes panels, clips, moldings) but cost will vary depending on the room size, room configuration; whether you have an existing suspended ceiling or whether you install it yourself. Visit our Materials Estimator to get a price quote and materials list for your room. Installation is not included in this quote and retails may vary so find a dealer in your area to get a more accurate quote.
What are WoodTrac panels and moldings made of?
WoodTrac panels and moldings are MDF (medium density fiberboard) wrapped with a paper laminate.
How many finishes are there?
WoodTrac is now available in Espresso, Cobblestone, Chalked Chestnut, Abbey Oak, Bank Alder, Soft White, Salt Oak, and White Plank (available in panels only.) Please call 419-446-3414 to order Salt Oak moldings.
How thick are WoodTrac Panels?
WoodTrac panels are 3/16? thick.
Will a WoodTrac ceiling in my basement help keep noise from transferring to above rooms?
While nothing performs as well as acoustic tiles, WoodTrac contains sound well enough for the majority of users. Individuals with more stringent standards can install Batt insulation in the ceiling joists above their WoodTrac ceiling.
How “green” is WoodTrac?
Over 75% of the entire WoodTrac ceiling and packaging is made from some type of recycled material. WoodTrac ceilings are now FSC®, Forest Stewardship Council, certified. All wood panels used in Sauder production are considered to be “Environmentally Preferred Product” (EPP) by the Composite Panel Association.
What fire rating does WoodTrac carry?
WoodTrac is available in both Class C and Class A fire ratings. Class C is appropriate for residential use and according to International Building Code in commercial spaces with fire sprinkler systems. Class C is automatically used in our materials estimator. Class A is more expensive than Class C so make sure you actually need Class A before deciding to use it. For fire rating test results click here, for more information, or pricing on our Class A product please contact us using the Contact Us tab, email a request to or call us toll free at 855-854-7465.

Product Care

Is my WoodTrac wood ceiling water resistant?
No. While laminate products are durable, like any wood product they are not water resistant. We recommend quickly wiping any spilled liquid to prevent damage.
How do I clean my WoodTrac ceiling?
We recommend light dusting or wiping the surface with a wax-based polish (Pledge or Endust, for example) and a dry cloth. Spray should be applied to cloth and not directly to furniture. Never use any type of abrasive cleaner or soap detergent on laminate surfaces.
What happens if I have a leak above my WoodTrac ceiling?
Unlike acoustic panels in a drop ceiling which absorb water and stain, water should shed off of WoodTrac wood ceiling panels and drip from your ceiling letting you know there is a leak.
Since WoodTrac is made of wood will it grow mold in rooms with moisture concerns such as basements?
WoodTrac should not have mold issues in basements below 50% relative humidity. WoodTrac is a wood product and therefore is as likely as wooden furniture to grow mold.

Planning & Install

How do I know what materials I need to order?
Visit our Material Estimator page or download our printable planning guide here to estimate by hand. Take your materials list to or call one of our dealers to get a final quote. Plans can also be emailed to or faxed to 888-761-8303. There is a video on our YouTube channel that will help walk you through the planning process.
How does WoodTrac install on a ceiling?
WoodTrac moldings snap onto a standard metal suspended ceiling grid using patented clips. WoodTrac will fit over 9/16", 15/16" or 1" wide ceiling grid.
Does WoodTrac work with all suspended ceiling grid systems?
WoodTrac’s clips will allow it to be installed over any 9/16", 15/16" or 1" wide suspended ceiling grid. Measure the width of the metal strip, which is visible with the ceiling panels in place (normally the white metal strips between the panels) before purchasing WoodTrac to ensure compatibility. The majority of suspended ceiling grid is 15/16" but we offer clip sizes to accommodate less common 9/16" and 1" grids.
I don’t have a suspended ceiling in my room. Can I install WoodTrac?
Yes, however you will need to install a suspended ceiling grid system. The materials for this can be purchased at most building supply stores and home centers. On average these materials will cost approximately $1.00 per sq ft.
If I don’t have a suspended ceiling what kind of layout (2'x 2' or 2'x 4') should I install?
We suggest installing a 2' x 2' grid system.
Will WoodTrac work with ceilings set up with a 2'x 4' grid pattern?
Yes, there are Adaptor clips that fit on the end of the WoodTrac cross tee moldings. Each 2'x 4' space will be filled with two WoodTrac 2'x2' panels and the small space between them will be covered by a cross tee molding hung with two Adaptor clips.
Can I remove WoodTrac panels after I have installed them?
Yes, WoodTrac panels are easily removed giving you access to your important utilities.
Can I use WoodTrac moldings with my existing ceiling panels?
Yes, Woodtrac moldings are a great way to add dimension and contrast to a ceiling. They will work with most other 2'x2' ceiling panels. Moldings will not work with tegular panels or other types of existing panels that drop down below the grid.
How far down from my ceiling joists can I hang the grid system? How much headroom will I lose?
A major grid manufacturer recommends at least 3 inches. Since the Woodtrac panels are 3/16" thick, the grid may be installed with a 2" dimension from the joist to the bottom of the metal suspended ceiling grid. The Woodtrac panels then will be 2" from the ceiling joists. The Woodtrac moldings, which clip onto the metal grid, will add another 1/2" to 7/8" depending on the style.
My 2'x 4' setup doesn’t have 2' cross tees, it uses 4' cross tees.
You can install the WoodTrac system using the Adaptor clips. When planning your project, be sure that WoodTrac main moldings will be placed over the 4' cross tees. This means main moldings will be on the longer sides of the 2'x 4' panels.
What kind of lighting can I use with WoodTrac ceilings?
Troffer lights (fluorescent) – Light kits are available for typical troffer fluorescent lights (both 2'x 2' and 2'x 4').Can Lights – Can light fixtures designed to be used with suspended ceiling grid systems are readily available at your local building supply retailer. Follow manufacturer instructions for mounting on the grid. Use a hole saw or jig saw to cut the hole in your panel.Flush mount and hanging lights – Electrical boxes are available which mount onto the suspended ceiling grid are available at your local building supply retailer. Follow manufacturer instructions for mounting on the grid. Use a hole saw or jig saw to cut the hole in your panel.Track Lighting – Follow manufacturer instructions for mounting on the grid. Lighting that is compatible with suspended ceilings will work with WoodTrac.
Since this is a wood product will it expand or contract?
Yes, like all wood-based products, engineered woods will expand and contract with changes in humidity. Therefore, prior to installation, panels must be conditioned. Unbox the products and fully expose all sides to air for 24 hours (above grade) or 48 hours (below grade) before installation. Permanent air conditioning and heating systems should be in place and operational. The installation site should have a consistent room temperature of 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit (16-27 degrees Celsius) and humidity of 35-55%. If installation is done during the dry season, expansion gaps of 0.1 inches per 10 feet of molding should be left at the ends of main and edge molding runs.

Product Ordering

I don’t see a WoodTrac dealer in my area. How do I purchase WoodTrac?
If you are a consumer, you can buy direct from WoodTrac and have the materials shipped directly to your home.  Email us at if you would like to see a sample before you order.  If you are a contractor, we can process an order through your preferred local dealer (ex. Lumberyard). Call us at 855-854-7465 or email us at for more information. If you are a dealer or distributor call us at 855-854-7465 or email us at for more information.
How do I know what materials I need to order?
Use our online Materials Estimator which allows you to draw your room and choose your finish and profile.  The estimator will then provide you with a materials list including a quote at List Price.  You can also download our printable planning guide, email plans to or fax plans to 888-761-8303 and we will contact you with a materials list and quote.  Once you get your materials list you can bring it to a local dealer or order directly from WoodTrac.
How can I get WoodTrac samples?
Request free samples of WoodTrac using the Contact us tab, email a request to or call us toll free at 855-854-7465. Samples are small cuts of actual WoodTrac product.

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