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Closet Storage Solutions from WoodTrac Battle Clutter

Are you a homeowner who has been living in a home you love for years, but now realize you are experiencing414398-137-000-L.jpg significant clutter and closet storage issues? If so, do you need more closets or storage solutions to battle the clutter? Take a few minutes to assess your actual closet storage needs, and then lets look at some possible solutions from the WoodTrac closet storage system.


An affordable wood closet upgrade from wire closets, the WoodTrac closet includes the finishes, profiles, contour shelves, drawers and solid hanger bars that homeowners expect from custom closet designs. Whether you have a walk-in or a reach-in closet, WoodTrac offers a ready-to-assemble, modular closet cabinet system that can be customized to meet your needs, available in white, cherry and espresso finishes.


  1. Inventory Your Storage Needs- Ask the tough questions first. Can you give away or throw away some of your prized possessions? Secondly, can some of it be stored elsewhere? Once you determine exactly which items require storage in your bedroom or guest room closet, you can move to the next step of planning.
  2. Planning and Organizing- Organize everything into categories, such as intimate apparel, jewelry, shoes, sweaters, jeans, scarves, and hats. Store most freqClosets-119-005-L.jpguently used items in your bedroom closet and move out-of-season and less frequently used items to closet storage in a nearby guest bedroom. How much room will be dedicated to hanging clothes? Do you need to plan for double hanging bars? Now is the time to decide how you want to store your shoes. Racks on the floor take up precious floor space. Have you already fallen in love with tilted shoe shelves?
  3. Storage Options Shelves, Drawers and Doors- Once you quantify your stuff, determine the best storage options. Shelves and drawers effectively expand your storage capacity while separating, organizing and categorizing your possessions.  
    • Shelves. Items stored on adjustable solid wood shelves are easily viewed and accessed. Wood shelving is superior to wire shelving, maintaining your clothing in a wrinkle-free condition.
    • Drawers. Drawers conceal and contain items in a dust-free environment, while allowing you to conveniently pull the drawer out to select items. WoodTrac drawers have 5-panel construction and full extension drawer slides.
    • Doors. Glass doors protect your valuable items or special treasures, and are equipped with top-quality soft close door hardware.
  4. Design The WoodTrac Closet Configurator- Whether you select double rods, shelves orClosets-119-002-L.jpg drawers is up to you. Once you decide on the type and quantity of storage options, the WoodTrac closet configurator will help you design your closet with the best storage solutions to tame your clutter. The closet configurator shows different configurations based on the size of your closet opening and your shelving, drawers, doors, rods and finish choices.

Attractive closet storage solutions from WoodTrac are affordably priced, presenting a high-end custom appearance when complete. For the location of a local WoodTrac dealer, please visit the WoodTrac website.

Posted: August 19, 2013
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