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New Collection Names

WoodTrac has now rebranded each of our closet collections.  WireTrac, SolidTrac, SpaceTrac and CabinetTrac offer our dealers a comprehensive compilation of product lines to meet homes and developments of all price points.  Each collection is previewed below:

WireTrac- our Ventilated Wire Shelving Collection.  It's the most economical way to create closet storage.  Mostly used in entry level multifamily developments and single family homes up to $300k.

SolidTrac- our Wood Closet Shelving Collection.  It's the most affordable way to upgrade from wire shelving.  Most common in multifamily projects looking to distinguish their property from competitors.  SolidTrac is aslo popular in single family homes $400k and up where homeowners want a wood look without committing to a fully customized closet.

SpaceTrac- our Adjustable Shelving Collection.  Easily adjustable shelves, rods and accessories with a modern mixed materials look have made this collection a hit in the multifamily world.  It's versatility also make it popular in homes $500k and up looking for upgraded pantries and bedroom closets.

CabinetTrac- our modular Closet Cabinet System.  CabineTrac features hundreds of configurations to create truly custom organization. Our #1 seller with remodelers and also popular with new home builders $600k and up where homeowners require a custom closet look in large master closets. 

Download our new complete WoodTrac Closets Collections Catalog
Posted: December 19, 2019

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