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Teach Your Children Organizational Skills

Children are messy little creatures by nature. Whether it is because they are so used to their parents picking up after them or because they just like to see all their things out on display, you have to nip this problem in the bud if you do not want to spend the next decade trying to convince your children of reasons why they need to pick up after themselves. However, like any other task, this one is best accomplished by using the correct tools. In this case, closet organizers are a great place to start.
To begin with, remove all large bins from the room unless they hold a specific collection. These are traps for easy cleanup. Children and adults alike tend to just toss everything in them rather than actually putting things where they belong. Small bins help you get organized and can be used in conjunction with closet organizers.
Closet organizers are especially effective because you can adjust them to fit the needs of the child. For instance, closet organizers for your toddle are going to be set up differently than closet organizers for your teen. For one thing, your toddler's closet organizers do not require room for lengthy clothing where your teen's closet organizers need to allow for longer pants, skirts, or even jackets.
Closet organizers also come in a variety of styles and arrangements so that you can choose the closet organizers that suit your home best. Whether you want cabinets or shelves, and any other options you need to consider, you have plenty to choose from when you pick your closet organizers. Most closet organizers are adjustable as well so you can easily modify them to fit the needs of your children as they get older. That means when your daughter starts collecting shoes instead of Barbie dolls, you do not have to shell out a lot of money for new closet organizers.
You can also label the drawers and shelves with pictures for children who can't read yet so they know where things are supposed to go. When it comes time to actually clean, be specific and tell your child exactly which items to pick up and where to put them instead of giving them a general “clean your room speech”. Young children are easily overwhelmed, so breaking the project into smaller chunks is very helpful to them.
Posted: September 30, 2014

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