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Frequently Asked Questions


What depths/sizes does WoodTrac offer?
All shelves are 144” long and are available in depths of 9”, 12”, 16” and 20” in various shelving configurations.
What shelving configurations does WoodTrac Offer?
Linen Shelving (1” spacing), Tight Mesh shelving (1/2” or 5/8” available), Wardrobe (Shelf & Rod) shelving, Maxglide free slide which allows hangers to slide across the shelving without interference.
What are the available finishes?
WoodTrac Ventilated Wire Shelving is available in a White finish.
What is the coating on WoodTrac Ventilated Wire Shelving?
Epoxy/polyester hybrid powder coating which provides a hard smooth, durable finish of between 3-5 mils thick to provide continuous protective coating.
Is WoodTrac Ventilated Wire Shelving compatible with other manufacturer's wire shelving systems?
WoodTrac’s Ventilated Wire Shelving is available with compatible hardware and shelving for all major wire shelving manufacturers allowing dealers to integrate inventory without requiring a full switchover.
Does WoodTrac Ventilated Wire Shelving have a warranty?
Yes. WoodTrac Ventilated Wire Shelving is back by a limited lifetime warranty which protects against all manufacturing defects.

Planning & Installation

Does WoodTrac offer installation templates?
Professional Installation templates are available.  Contact for pricing and ordering.
Is there any cutting involved?
All shelving must be cut to length.  Contact us to ask about how to get a pneumatic cutter for your shop .
How do I install WoodTrac Ventilated Wire Shelving?
Installs directly into drywall without blocking.  Wall Brackets used to support/connect shelf ends to side walls.  Support braces shall be required for a 36" span and used every 32" in wider applications. Back clips are to be mounted on 12" increments beginning 1-1/2" to 2" from sidewalls. Open-ended shelves shall require a second back clip 2" in from the end clip and an all-purpose clamp into the stud closest to the open end.

Product Ordering

How do I purchase WoodTrac Ventilated Wire Shelving?
To purchase WoodTrac Ventilated Wire Shelving you must become a WoodTrac dealer or purchase from a WoodTrac authorized dealer.  Contact us to start the application process or find a local dealer. 

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